About Home's Society


HOME’S SOCIETY is an exquisite Portuguese brand of home decoration and covering selections, and it has been on the rise throughout this year with our first products. Home’s Society appears with a strong connection to the eclectic style, a brand that transmits emotions, and that is our starting point for every different design that we conceive to stimulate and develop new trends.

It's time to be masters in decoration and, for that, Home’s Society presents us with a bold and contemporary design, always thinking in the future, and providing our products with uniqueness, exclusiveness and luxury Design.


To create pieces of art that inspire customers, always thinking about the future and giving exclusivity, uniqueness and luxury design to all products.


To be the most recognized brand of interior decoration, creating inspirations and transmitting emotions, as a starting point for the development of each project and the creation of trends.


Artistic vision

Inspired by the surrounding life and experience, our designers search always for what’s different and iconic, mixing different visions, styles and characters.

Cultural arts

Revival of all classic and memorable arts, bringing them from the past with a new look to the future, from Country to Ultra Classic.


Working with most prestigious artisans, carrying these arts on their hands like a legacy left from their family and years of experience.


An innovative design with noble materials, always working with challenging goals and a lot of love.